Kanye out & about in LA 9/1/14

This is about your Kim question (was it even a question? Hope I'm not wasting your time here). Ive grappled with that same question ever since i moved here about 14 years ago. It seems like we are white until something happens and then we are no longer white. 911 had a huge effect on our identity in this country. Ultimately, we are a minority because even though the last 10 attacks on US soil were white boys shooting up schools, we are still considered terrorists.Minorities gotta stick together.


it was more like a reflection, because none of those groups are white. caucasian doesn’t mean white in modern american society just like arab-american doesn’t = white.

american liberals can’t make up their mind about us (arabs) and several other ethnic groups. they’ll complain about the US foreign affairs involving us but shit on us while we’re here. a lot of people do this whole “omg solidarity” thing to push their domestic issues then turn around and continue to shit on us by calling us white and not even granting us the right of existing in america with our own history, treatment, culture, and identity.

i agree that people have to stick together. i’m also very adamant about other groups supporting certain issues that don’t directly involve them, not adopting it and making it their own struggle.

i think i may take a break from math this semester. which is like jesus saying he’s going to take a break from blessing people. i’m just so stressed trying to socially and physically adapt, trying to eat, trying to afford this and i’m scared of failure and it’s keeping me up at night and i’ve been here A WEEK.

this probability theory class already has me dead rip in peace kimberly you tried

i mean come for Kim K for being white passing or far removed from black issues or holding a position of relatively great privilege but using the entire geographic Caucasus region as a definer for white people in the context of race relations in Western culture is wrong. are Iranians considered white in American culture? are Arabs? what about black Abkhazians and indigenous groups are they white now too?

if my skin tone were described as a food in an erotic novel it would be “her skin glistened under the moonlight like a warm stick of butter”

So what if if people complain they can't find foundation to match their skin?? It is a pain in the ass.


boo hoo cosmetics companies cater to my skin tone sometimes even exclusively but what would i do if i couldn’t talk about how pale i am and wear foundation too light for me so i always look ashy

in the makeup community it seems like pale people are in constant competition over who is more pale and who can’t use more foundation and who has the hardest pale struggle